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Social media and information practices workshop

14 January, 2012

A bunch of Scandinavian and Australian researchers met on the 10-11 November 2011 in Borås for a seminar on Information Literacy Practices. This was one of three tracks at the Social media and Information practices workshop arranged by the University of Borås.

Some of the researchers have made their workshop presentations available on the blog:

Jette Hyldegaard, IVA, Denmark

Ola Pilerot, University of Borås, Sweden

Olof Sundin, University of Borås & Lund University, Sweden


New journal issues focusing on IL

12 January, 2012

There is a new issue of Library Trends out which might be of particular interest to information literacies researchers, as the theme is Information Literacy Beyond the Academy, Part I: Towards Policy Formulation. A few network co-ordinators have articles in the issue, including Ola Pilerot, Jenny Lindberg and Annemaree Lloyd. The table of contents can be reached at:

Another themed issue (2/3 20011) is found in Danish Library Research which focuses their newest issue on Information literacies. This issue is edited by Trine Schreiber and contains an article by her as well as by other network co-ordinators (Olof Sundin, Helena Francke, Louise Limberg, Johanna Rivano Eckerdal). Most of the articles are in Danish, but a couple are in English. Enjoy!