Congratulations to three new PhDs

30 September, 2014

The Information Studies Group (ISG) at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia is excited to have had three doctoral students undertaking studies in the area of information literacy.

Dr Christine Yates used phenomenography to explore the experience of health information literacy. The study’s findings identified seven categories that represented qualitatively different ways in which people experienced health information literacy, and provide new knowledge about people’s engagement with health information for learning in everyday life. The study contributes to consumer health information research and is significant to the disciplines of health and information science. Her dissertation “Informed for health: exploring variation in ways of experiencing health information literacy” is available here

Dr Faye Miller explored early career academics’ experiences in using information to learn while building their networks for professional development. A ‘knowledge ecosystem’ model was developed consisting of informal learning interactions such as relating to information to create knowledge and engaging in mutually supportive relationships. Findings from this study present an alternative interpretation of information use for learning that is focused on processes manifesting as human interactions with informing entities revolving around the contexts of reciprocal human relationships. Faye’s dissertation ‘Knowledge ecosystems of early career academics: a grounded theory of experiencing information use for learning in developmental networks’ is available here

Dr Nicole Johnston investigated the information literacy experiences of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students in a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  She used phenomenography to investigate how EFL students’ ‘used information to learn’ (ie. information literacy). The study revealed that EFL students’ experienced information literacy across four categories and had varying experiences of information and learning. The research also showed that EFL students’ faced a number of challenges and barriers due to language that impacted on their experiences of reading, understanding, accessing and translating information. Nicole’s dissertation, ‘Understanding the information literacy experiences of English as a Foreign Language students’ is available here

ISG is an information research team with a multidisciplinary focus crossing the boundaries of information, learning and technology. It has built a strong international profile for its innovative application and development of qualitative research methods. Further information on ISG can be found at their Facebook page. You can also follow ISG on Twitter.


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