The Information Literacies Track at CoLIS 8, 19-22 August 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference papers are published Information Research

The slides from the panel Conceptions of Information Literacy: Current Theoretical Trends can be found via the links below:

Anna Hampson Lundh (Introduction)

Helen Partridge (Information Experience)

Louise Limberg (Information Literacies)

Olof Sundin (Literacies)

Sanna Talja (Information practices)


Social media and Information Practices workshop in Borås, Sweden, 10-11 November 2011.

Some of the contributions can be found  via the links below:

Christine Bruce and Helen Partridge

Jette Hyldegård

Ola Pilerot

Olof Sundin


Information Literacy Research Seminar at CoLIS 7, 23 June 2010 in London.

Some of the contributions can be found in a collection in Borås Academic Digital Archive

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